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Ready For Launch

Stephanie Gorsky

When I launched out almost 5 months ago now with my at-home personal training business, I really had no idea what to expect. In college, I studied social work but just couldn't see myself going back into that field after my son was born. I had always planned to stay home after having kids; my Mom was able to be at home with me growing up and that was such an organic experience. She was a pillar, a beautiful safety net for me to fall back on and it created a bond that I'm forever thankful for. She sacrificed so much so that I could have so much. Her time, her friendships, her energy, her ability to bring in money, etc., but what an example she set of the importance of knowing her priorities.

Disclaimer: This is not a slam toward working Moms. All Moms are heroes and this is a judgement free zone.

For me, I'm thankful that even though it can be tiiight some months, we are able to do the same for our kids as my Mom did for me. BUT, and this is where I'll be honest, it is hard being home all day. Pouring into your kids, keeping up your home and then at the end of the day having enough energy to spend time with your husband really is more than a full-time job. You can easily fall into a rut and forget who you need to love first (other than Jesus) so that your children, home and marriage can thrive. It's easy to put yourself, your wants, your needs, your dreams, on the back burner but I don't believe that as Moms we are to let our dreams die while we raise our kids. I think that both raising stunning little personalities and caring for our needs are very much attainable by finding a beautiful balance in the chaos. Though the world can sometimes make you feel as though you should put those things aside because you are, after all, "just a Mom" now. Honestly, when people introduce themselves and I ask what they do for a living, and they respond, "Oh, I'm just a Mom." I can't even. One week in your job as "just a Mom" and some people would crumble. You're a Mom. If you're a Mom, you can do anything. Stop adding the just. You're a MOM. And that makes you a total badass.  

My new staple t-shirt compliments of the Be Still Clothing Co

So, I thought about going back to work part-time and that made me want to barf. The thought of going back into social work just wasn't what I wanted anymore. I love the side of social work that involves life-coaching but just couldn't picture myself in the thick of that field again. Taking home my work emotionally every night. Being exhausted. I wanted to work a more holistic job that reflected who I was as a person and involved some aspects of life-coaching with a primary focus on fitness, health and wellness. So, what started out as an endorphin-seeker's hobby quickly transitioned to passionate interest and dream. I began to take courses in fitness with my little 1 year old in tow, adjusting my own nutrition choices and educating myself via magazines, blog and newspaper articles and really just asking the right people the right questions.

(insert the birth of our second baby and a year to wrap my mind around life again ;) ) #MomLife

A couple months after our daughter turned 1, I thought I should take a leap of faith. I didn't just yet but, I was in the contemplative phase. I could feel God nudging me to trust Him, but ignored it. It wasn't until we moved into our new home last November that I really felt training from my home would even be a possibility. The moment we stepped into our home for the first time, even when it was filled with other peoples' furniture, design schemes, paint colours and smells, I just knew that an amazing opportunity was being presented and that a bigger plan was beginning to unravel. 

I had worked as a personal trainer for a largely franchised gym in the past but had graciously been given a full roster of clients upon hire. So, to say I was nervous coming out of the gate would be an understatement. I had to get all my own equipment ($$$), find my own clients without asking if they wanted a personal trainer ("Are you calling me fat?") and  s o m e h o w  find a balance between working (writing programs, hosting consultations, seeking clients, etc) and adulting (doing the groceries, parenting, laundry, cooking dinners, dating my husband, etc.) 

I felt unqualified, unprepared, unworthy and intimidated at what seemed like a huge dream and a little me.  I'm so thankful for the community of women in my world and my husband who saw the realness of the insecurities floating around in my head and spoke to them with authority and giving me the encouragement (or kick in the butt) that I needed to know that I can literally do anything (Philippians 4:13).  

Thank you. 

You all know who you are. x

So, with a whole lot of love and support, I took a leap of faith. With, at the time, very limited equipment and a whole lot of passion, I acquired a full roster of clients. I'm still blown away at it. Weekly I say to myself, "What is even happening!" 

Just goes to show you what God can do with the little you have. If you have the passion and are standing in faith, you have all you need for Him to do the rest.

A dream I really never thought I could be doing: working part-time (evenings), bringing in a little extra income for our home, while doing something I absolutely love and still being able to be at home with my kids during the day, is now my reality. It's not easy. It's a whole lot of hard work, shifting things and trying to create a flow and balance but man, I still pinch myself somedays. I get the privilege of helping people change their lives through pushing them physically and mentally. I have the honour of saying, "See! I told you that you could do it." when they accomplish something they didn't think they could. 

And to think that the best is yet to come. 

This brings me to the purpose of my post.

There are two women who I want to honour and they are Jaime and Mandy.

This is Jaime, AKA Sasha Fierce.

This is Mandy, AKA #BeastMode. I've literally seen this woman transform before my eyes. Body AND mind. 

These two women don't know each other but have much more in common than they know. Both teachers, they are always working away for everyone else in their lives. From their kids, to husbands, to their school-kids, to prepping dinners, to extra-curricular activities and their own kids activities - they are both truly extraordinary women. They were also the very first two people who said YES to, believed in and made a financial commitment to 12 weeks of a whole lot of sweat and hard work in my ghetto basement! 

And, I just wanted to say THANK YOU.

For the laughs, the tears, the great days and the hard days, for the way you both SMASHED your workouts and how that energy just poured over into your daily lives, how you both believed in me, attempted ANY workout circuit I prepared for you with a smile (most of the time) except those #cleanandpressburpees and literally and simply just brightening my days even more. 

You are both something fierce.

I feel so honoured to have had you both as my very first at-home clients ever and I'll always remember that and never take it for granted. And, let me tell you: You both set the bar high.

Jaime firmed up all around and tackled killer leg workouts.

She gained the confidence she needed to continue running after her goals.

 "You've brought me from 'I can't' to 'more'. The physical change is great but the mental change has had the greatest impact in my life. I'm not intimidated by my goals anymore!" - Jaime 

Mandy has lost almost 30 POUNDS and over 25 INCHES off her ENTIRE body!

She's completed two back to back sessions (12 weeks) of 3x a week. #COMMITTED; she then continued on 1 day a week for another 6 weeks and JUST renewed for another 6. This girl is on FIRE!


What are you ready to launch into? What dreams do you have that you didn't think were possible? What whispers from the Holy Spirit are you hearing? With a little bit of faith and a whole lot of Jesus, anything is possible. Get launching! 

Xx, s.