This Time Tomorrow


Arm Day

Stephanie Gorsky

Half the battle of working out is actually just waiting for feeling like you want to.

Stop waiting, just do it.
You'll feel better after ;) get some happy music on and let's start with something simple: Arms! 

Grab 8-10 pound weights to start. 

10 bicep curls

10 bottom half bicep curls
- Instead of having the movement go up to your shoulders, stop when you get to the middle of your chest

10 hammer curls
- Instead of holding the weights like you do for bicep curls hold them like you're using a hammer, the flat part of the weight is aligned with the ceiling 

10 shoulder presses 

10 push ups 

10 plank ups 
- you're in a plank on your elbows, walk up onto your hands, alternate which hand leads every time 

10 plank walks 
- start standing up, walk yourself out into a plank, hold for 3 seconds and walk back 

Try this circuit 2-4 times, rest in between each round not between each exercise!