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Busyness, Backyardigans and the Bob

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A lot of changes have been happening throughout the past six months as we celebrated the arrival of our first son, Parker. Amidst the joy this once little stranger has brought us, there have been many tears and times where I've felt like a complete failure. There have been times where I felt overwhelmed with a sense of responsibility and where the expectations I put on myself were entirely unrealistic. Being a Mom is hard. Somedays I don’t shower. Most days I smell like baby vomit or don’t look in the mirror once. Every day dishes are piled in my sink and I think I walk past them easily 10 times before I get to them. There are toys all over my floor.  Not every bathroom is spotless. [Let's be honest, not even one bathroom is spotless]. Laundry is literally everywhere in our room for days. But, my baby smiles. He laughs and giggles and squeals. He is such a happy baby. I feel like I've become an entirely different person. A stronger, braver, more open-minded and mature woman. I feel like I'm able to stand taller than I ever have before.

I recently decided to reflect the changes that I was feeling on the inside to the outside and chop off all my hair. I can tell you that it truly felt good in the moment! I'm disappointed that hair doesn't grow back overnight BUT I am rockin' a bob. And I WILL love it!

See ya,

This Time Tomorrow