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But, Aren't You Hungry?

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That has been the most common question since I decided to go wheat-free. And the answer is, of course I was! At first. My go-to snack had always been crackers. "Wheat thins" actually. And to think I always thought I was being so healthy {literally} stuffing my body with genetically modified and processed wheat. Yum! The decision was a no-brainer for me. I had a baby one year ago next month {Wah!} and ever since then I've been exhausted. I'm anemic, so that explained most of it, but I was still lethargic and had no energy even when I was taking my iron pills daily. I decided to read 'Wheat Belly' {you can check out the blog here} and decided it was time! I took some flack from certain family members but decided to stick to it through the haters! ;)

It's been almost a month and I'm feeling significantly better! Easter set me back a tad. We hosted dinner here and so everything was basically wheat-filled - but all in all, it's been a seriously beneficial life change. It's not for everyone and I'm not about to preach that it's the "only way" to live a healthy lifestyle - it's working great for me.

Pinterest is a big help too. There are so many wonderful pinners who experiment with wheat/gluten-free recipes that I can follow so easily! You can check out my Pinterest board here, but make sure to search other boards as well. There are such great recipes!

So, what do I eat, you ask? I'm giving you a little glimpse below. Obviously, I eat more than just these things, but here are my staples these days.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm struggling ALOT when it comes to wheat/gluten-free baking so for the time being, we eat The Superstore's delicious gluten-free baking.  Usually at half the price though! We've also tried the Banana bread and the Coconut cookies. All are delicious! Lemon Poppyseed is my favourite though.

We always have "Pancake Saturday" or "Waffle Saturday" in our home - so this baking powder is a must! Also, when my baking recipes start turning out, I'm sure I'll be using it more as well.  In front of the baking flour is chickpea flour and spelt flour. Both of which can be found at Bulk Barn {for a great price!} and used for pancakes/waffles OR making bread! To the left side of the baking powder is almonds. Love almonds! Full of protein and nutrients. Make sure your body is fueled! You'll stay fuller for longer and reduce your snacking.

Hummus. Mmm. Absolutely one of my favourite lunches! Add in grape tomatoes, cucumbers, celery and carrots - Delicious protein.

If we don't use butter, we use this as an alternative. It's a vegan product, gluten and lactose free. Though, we are very much a butter family.

If you like lettuce, you'll love this mix. Kale, Spinach and Chard. Eating Kale and Spinach have so many health benefits and are both known to have cancer fighting properties - you can check more benefits of eating kale here and spinach here. Chard is great for your fiber intake, but there are a ton more benefits to eating it which you can read about here.

This is peanut butter that actually tastes like peanuts! The {natural} oils in it rise to the top of the container so it requires a bit of stirring before you lather up your bread, but it is deeee-licious.

As soon as I figure out GF baking, Coconut flour and stevia {a natural sweetner} will be my BFF.

I have a smoothie with protein in it every morning for breakfast. This has added more taste {I'm not a fan of regular milk} and doesn't make me feel weighed down after my morning workout.

The most delicious protein powder I've ever had - add it to my breakfast smoothie! It helps to create lean muscle definition {if you're doing Jillian's videos, this is the protein powder you want going in your body}.

If you're a health nut, this is going to blow you away. 1 BILLION PROBIOTICS PER SERVING! I add it to my breakfast smoothie!

We are lovers of pasta in this house so we couldn't just stop eating it. These are my favourite - corn noodles! They are super light. Our other go-to is brown rice noodles or regular rice noodles but I'm not too keen on the idea of eating that much rice.

Like I said above, my usual snack used to be crackers. I think I love the crunchiness of them. One of my friends introduced me to these and they've totally curbed my crunch and longing for wheat thins - they are SO GOOD!

I've yet to find a bread {or make one} that I love. So, this is doing the trick right now. If you have any yummy {and easy} bread recipes, please share! I found these at Costco for $8.00. Can't go wrong there!

That's all I got for you today. Post a question if you'd like or share a recipe with me!