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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

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Parker is a serious boy. He loves all things dirty, loud and rough. His hair has been part of his personality since he was born, really; and grew into a little surfer shag! Amidst some suggestions from certain people around me, I held strong to his doo and wasn't planning on changing it anytime soon. That was the plan at least, until we stepped into the barber shop on Saturday. We asked for "just a trim". This wasn't our regular hairdresser; it was a last minute decision. He couldn't see under his bangs and the template I usually follow had overgrown so there was no way I could attempt it myself.

Here is how he started - the surfer shag!


And, here's how we left - a little man cut!


My heart was in my throat for about 15 minutes after we left. I had remained composed throughout the duration of the haircut, after all, the barber had started with the razor so there was no turning back, and no point in saying anything. After I stopped shaking, feeling physically ill and Kory talked me off the ledge, I realized that the sweet little Italian man that chopped off cut my little boy's hair had actually done me a favour in the long run. We definitely were not expecting this to be his version of "just a trim" (even Kory was a little white-faced), there was no way this hair cut was in our future for probably another year. And, it may seem silly to mourn over lost hair but,

this is my baby.

And that last little bit of "baby" I was holding on to was left on the floor of the barber shop yesterday. He is growing up and hitting milestones what seems like weekly - this is just another one. A little sad, but a whole lot of happy.