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Pecan Date Bites

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You guys, confession: I’m a snacker. 

But, I’m a picky snacker. 

I don’t like feeling full, tired or icky after snacking. I want to feel GOOD about my decision and that means I need snacks that rejuvenate and energize me.

My girlfriend Sarah came over a couple weeks back and she is a lover of health, wellness and all things paleo. She pulled these out of her purse and her kids gobbled them up. Like, GOBBLED. 

I had one. 

They had one. 

I reached for another just as her daughter did and our eyes met — neither of us wanted to share ;) 

*DROOOOOOOOOL* These are so yummy, I ate one before sending them off to the freezer!

Most of the time, I’m on a mission, so these are the perfect grab-and-go snack that makes you feel full and satisfied because you’re nourishing your body. Nom.

They’re also munchkin approved! My littles (Almost 4 and 2) LOVED eating these with their lunch. Filled them up and also gave me some cool-Mom-points for making something from scratch that looked like a Timbit! (Ha)

It’s so simple: 

Put all your ingredients (6–7) into a food processor and bam! I pit my own dates - so that's the only extra added step, but you don't have to do that.

It's easy

The recipe isn't time consuming (took me maybe 10 minutes, and that’s while entertaining the kids between each ingredient #momlife) and then 1–3 hours in the freezer. But, let’s be honest, I ate it right out of the bowl. 

Note: my first batch disappeared in the same day — between the kids AND my husband, this snack is a huge win. I’ll be making a double batch next time! After I freeze them for 1–3 hours, I put them into a sealable container in my fridge so they loosen up a tad but still keep their shape and overall deliciousness. 

You can click here for the yummy recipe! 

I hope you guys love it just as much as we do ! Thank you Sarah for the yummy recipe share.

Let me know in the comments if you try it OR how you re-created your own with substitutes!