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Something Great

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I want to build a big, beautiful family who loves, follows and serves God. I never want to be comfortable in a "normal" life. I want to love passionately. I never want to stop asking questions. I want to be more spontaneous.  I never want to be too proud to take direction or constructive criticism. I want to be apart of something bigger than I am.  I never want to stop learning. I want to laugh more. I never want to think that I know everything. I want to learn how to live fully in each moment. I never want to take life seriously, unless it's serious.  I want to be a great friend to my friends. I never want to be too prideful to see that I'm wrong. I want to honour my husband in everything I do. I never want to be afraid of stepping out and meeting new people. I want to be a great mother to my child(ren). I never want to be afraid to fail. I want to look in the mirror and feel comfortable in my own skin, everyday. I never want to take people for granted.