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What's On Your Nightstand?

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I'm currently reading 'Undaunted' by Christine Caine and am in love. If you have even 20 minutes a day to spare in this book, which is all I have to spare, you won't regret buying it! photo-198


We are all broken in some way. We all have wounds. Some of us use that as an excuse to do nothing, to serve no one, but rather to sit and nurse our misery. That's not what God wants, and not the model we see over and over again in the Bible. The biblical model is that God deliberately chooses imperfect vessels - those who have been wounded, those with physical or emotional limitations. Then he prepares them to serve and sends them out with their weakness still in evidence, so that His strength can be made perfect in that weakness. In fact, more often than not, it's our weakness that makes us capable of serving, because those we serve identify with our pain. As always: God works in us so that he can work through us.


She is a beautiful writer and passionate woman who is speaking out and standing up against injustice; she's lighting a fire underneath my 2014 already!

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